Justin Wanstall Brighton based web designer and PHP web developer

Photoshop • Illustrator • Javascript • Ajax • PHP • MySQL • Flash

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Justin Wanstall - Brighton Web Designer

Since 1997 I have taken a keen interest in internet technologies when I began creating websites for friends and family during my time at school. Using a trial and error method I quickly mastered HTML and using my existing graphics skills and eye for detail I began developing the foundations to my career.

After leaving school in 1998 I started working for a small local web design company and in late 1999 I started university at Oxford Brookes. During my time there I created an entertainment portal web site for students called 'Young Oxford' which, due to the vast amount of time it required led to my decision to leave university & set up a company that developed and managed the site.

The site was an enormous success but unfotunately my lack of business experience meant it never became profitable. In June 2001 I received a job offer from a Dutch IT company called Deon who were setting up a new office in the UK and wanted an in-house designer to create graphical elements for their e-commerce solutions.

In August 2002 I was made redundant from my position at Deon and I began working for a newly started company called JIT Consulting. During my time with the company I worked as an Internet consultant and web designer, creating the company's brand identity and website being among my tasks.

In February 2003 I took the position of Web Designer/Developer at Eurotunnel. My main role was to manage the design and development of the UK and continental Eurotunnel web sites. Working closely with the marketing department I translated printed advertising campaign concepts into web pages and produced email regular campaigns for mass mailing. I also provided consultation services for the development of web based CRM projects and was heavily involved in a project to source a reliable and secure web hosting provider.

In December 2003 I moved to Brighton and started working for Global Secure Systems in Worthing where I took the position of Web Developer. Since being in this position I have had the chance to further improve on my development skills by producing several dynamic websites for the group and taking sole responsibility for the re-building and on-going development of the group intranet system.

In December 2007 I left my role at GSS and started working for myself full time in partnership with a colleague from my time at Eurotunnel, trading as Interactive Red.

In April 2010 Interactive Red was officially incorporated by Companies House and I am now Creative Director at our company. Today we have offices in Brighton and Canterbury and work with a variety of clients.

Career summary

04/10 > Date Interactive Red Limited
12/07 > 03/10 Full Time Self Employed - t/a Interactive Red
12/03 > 12/07 Global Secure Systems
02/03 > 12/03 Eurotunnel plc
09/02 > 01/03 JIT Consulting Limited
07/01 > 08/02 Deon ICT Consultants Limited
11/98 > 07/99 Webwide Solutions